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Today I went for a “ride about” with my bike around my town. I just couldn’t find it. What I saw was not my place.

What I saw was a something I just couldn’t recognize. This place is wrapped in white and red “Do Not Cross” tape surrounded by piles and piles of rubble and hundreds of volunteers and military personnel everywhere. There are caring people living in tents, campers and motorhomes in every small piece of open green here to help and volunteer their time. The inner city now looks like a ghost town… ghosts that will live there for too long.

Nineteen days have passed from that horrible May the 20th date and yet it feels like a century already! That night somehow changed our lives forever! We have all been very hurt. Our homes, the place where we all felt safe and happy, has been taken away and forced our families to run away. Our homes are the place we fear the most nowadays.

We will always remember the following dawn, inked in our brain. In that moment we began to comprehend that this damage was a huge deal, much bigger than life. It was not just fear. Someone was in the streets, some others in their cars, we all came to understand and see what had happened. Piles of rubbles, dust, and destruction. It was really was an earthquake that had hit our homes, our community. From that moment on, there were no certainties, everything was blank. Earthquake is a MIGHTY THIEF! Just a few seconds and your future is stolen forever!

An Earthquake can steal schools from children, homes from mothers and churches from believers. It steals projects, your future and most of all… your freedom. And the moment you start believing everything is over and you begin stitching your wounds, here it comes again… reminding you that there’s nothing you can do to fight it!

The second quake, at 9 am on May 29th, represented the death blow for many of us. Too many people, too many houses, too many factories, too many hearts, too many souls… are broken.

Our town and its neighbors need your help. Our kids need schools, our families need hope. We all need our life back.

We don’t want our kids to grow up with the inner city ghosts.


–> BANK TRANSFER SWIFT BAPPIT22 (Municipality bank account)
–> PAYPAL (Account of AUSER, a local no profit volunteers’ association, working for people in need – its building and motorvan were seriously damaged by the quake: see pictures here)

Earthquake photos (no reserved rights, free availability for newspapers or websites, as long as they link this site and mention authors) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

For general information, please visit Wikipedia – San Felice Sul Panaro

(Written by Cristiana Cesari, translated by Laura De Lauro with the kind help of Jim Loria, picture by Giorgia Monni)

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Ph. by Alessandro Guicciardi (@fogscientist). These photos were shot shortly after the first quake (20/05/2012), as witnessed by the watchtower that completely collapsed after the second earthquake on Tuesday the 29th of May.